Our Office

The Office “GEORGE GOUGAS  AND ASSOCIATES” was established in 1965 with the objective in costing and preparation of Tender Documents for Public Works. We worked with many design firms, construction companies and individuals and most of them we continue to work so far. In the course of 48 years of our office, we have recorded faceted experience in costing in relation to the time of drafting the Budget, with the requisites and the stage studies of projects, according to the existing standards of the Tenders and the Bills of the Ministry of Public Works, with the service requirements, the amount and source of funding for projects etc. This consideration leads us to critical conclusions that we have occasionally drawing the attention of the Consultants as well as the competent authorities of the state.

For us, Cost Accounting is not simple arithmetic, but composition and pairing Quantity / Price per job, absolutely determined, precise and unambiguous. The Costing this implies Study at the Implementation Study stage, ongoing collaboration Consultants and factor – partners of costing accounting. Standards Issues with objective evidence of cost estimation, in each period, objectively and clearly identified by analyzing price materials and labor.

Almost all European Countries have adopted Electronics Projects and Libraries determining labor costs (materials and labor) which lead to the safe identification of the Budget of a Public Project. The Budget of a Public Project is a very important element of the study, the quality and cost of project implementation, as part of the State Budget and the EU budget.

We approach reality with greater effort combining the various standards and the appropriate market research.

George Gougas